Key Characteristics of Guided Math This is a nice, short video on the components of guided math. Dr. Barbara Blanke (the blonde woman in the pink jacket) did a guided math inservice for four of our campuses. Dr. Blanke was awesome!
Small Group Math Lesson There is a lot about this small group lesson that I like! The students are having to identify the "action" in the story problems in order to determine whether to add or subtract. Students are using part-part-whole maps and pop cubes to help solve the problems.
Teaching the Division Algorithm with Meaning This is a video about teaching long division so that students understand the process of division. Too many teachers teach the steps to division with pneumonics (such as Does McDonald's Sell CheeseBurgers). This video will show you how you can teach the division process so that it has more meaning to students.
Kid Snippet Math Class We've all felt like this at one time or another...I know I have. This is hilarious but it also highlights why we need to teach math conceptually and in context!